LED Add on

$40- 20 min

Add an LED mask treatment onto any facial. The light therapy is a safe non invasive treatment that addresses aging and problematic skin through increased cellular communication. The red light wavelength promotes wound healing, collagen production and skin brightening. Blue light regulates sebaceous gland activity, kills acne bacteria and calms inflammation

Micro-Current Add-On

$50 – 20 min

This powerful activation of the facial muscles and cell memory function is delivered through application of a low level electrical current.  Added to assist in primary functions that include: 

·      Improved muscle tone in the face and neck

·      Lifted jowls and eyebrows

·      Reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles

·      Improved facial circulation

·      Aid in lymphatic drainage

·      Enhanced product penetration to treat multiple skin problems

Lip Mask or Eye Mask