Candles flicker in the dark room as Bon Iver’s Skinny Love plays from the speakers. I’m utterly calm underneath a weighted blanket—so much so that I find myself almost drifting to sleep. I can feel facialist Amanda Hlatky’s knuckles sculpting my cheekbones, contouring my jawline. Her hands are delicate yet strong, applying the perfect amount of pressure that allows my face to relax; there is no need for gua sha stones here. This afternoon is one of bliss, and my skin (and mind) is taking in each moment […]

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I don’t say this lightly—going to Glow Dermal Therapy straight up changed my life. A few years ago before I started going into Glow, I remember standing in front of the mirror and being so upset that I had yet again another group of huge, impossible-to-cover breakouts on my face that I literally started tearing up—sounds dramatic, I know, but I just felt like I’d worked so hard all my life on being happy with who I was and how I looked, but this one thing kept evading me and kept bringing me down. […]

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I was recently introduced to Dermaplaning by my facialist Amanda Hlatky of Glow Dermal Therapy and it has forever changed my skin care routine!

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment which uses a surgical blade to remove dead skin and vellus hair (a.k.a.: peach fuzz) from the face, leaving the skin soft and smooth, and allowing product to penetrate into the skin beautifully […]

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I mentioned in my last skin care post that I’d be giving you the lowdown on microneedling… well, here we are! I am obsessed with this treatment. My laser clinic doctor once told me that microneedling does just as good of a job as those invasive and pricey lasers. That’s all I needed to hear to be completely hooked. I know, I know. It’s a scary thought to put needles on your face, but I think once you read through this piece that I wrote for Glitter Guide, you’ll feel a little more empowered and knowledgeable to give it a go […]

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