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The Glow-Getter Series: Sam Ellis

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We're keeping the glow going with another supernova spotlight on a woman owning the ground she stands on and the skin she lives in. Discover what makes Sam tick and her go-to-Glow routine.  


DAY JOB: Co-founder of Roots + Ardor

GLOW-GETTER ROUTINE: I’m an avid Oxygen Facial gal. Bring on the O2! I also am dipping my toes (and fine lines) into micro-needling. It’s a journey.

Oh, and occasionally Amanda shaves my moustache (derma-planing.)

WHAT GETS YOU EXCITED ABOUT GETTING OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING: Depending on the day it’s a beautiful, chaotic mixture of my business, my drive to make a mark, and my chocolate lab Murphy. Who literally forces me out of bed every morning so maybe that’s cheating.

WHAT'S SOMETHING YOU WANT TO CONQUER IN 2018: My entrepreneurial anxiety. The only thing constant about starting a business is change. I’d like to ground myself in that uncertainty and accept the highs and lows more openly.

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WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR 15-YEAR-OLD SELF: Be brave, this is just the beginning.

Also, you don’t look great THAT tanned.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE VICE: I wish it was more original but probably red, red wine. God help me.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR SKIN: I like to think I’ve got some nice natural glow. Or maybe that’s the result of the 300 products I use? It’s a mystery I don’t care to solve.

WHAT PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE WHO HASN'T FOUND THEIR GLOW YET: When it comes to external glow, you are probably not an expert. Seek advice from someone kind, caring, and whip smart like Amanda.

When it comes to your internal glow, that’s all you.

ANY SECRET BEAUTY TIPS: Water, darlings. Water.

READING/LISTENING TO: Reading “Reckless Daughter” Joni Mitchell’s biography. Listening to Ray LaMontagne’s “Such a Simple Thing.”


And Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy because come on.

Learn more about Roots + Ardor and go get your glow.


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The Glow-Getter Series: Jo Sawa

We're keeping the glow going with another supernova spotlight on a woman making waves in her own skin. Discover what makes Jo tick and her go-to-Glow routine.  


NAME: Jo Sawa

DAY JOB: Social Worker

GLOW-GETTER ROUTINE: I've been going to Amanda for so many years. I was thrilled when she finally took the leap to open up her own business.

She has an incredible talent to make you feel comfortable and to find you
your perfect individualized skincare routine.

I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin from her treatments. Some of my regular treatments at GLOW include:

  • Customized facials
  • Vitamin A infusion peel with the RevitaPen + LED and MicroNeedling



WHAT GETS YOU OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING: Honestly? my dog Zaraa! Mainly, because she will stare atme and increasingly breathe louder and louder until I get up to take her out.


WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE SKIN YOU'RE IN: I used to have problematic skin and love was not a word I used when I talked about my skin, and I didn’t feel comfortable without makeup on. Since having treatments from Glow, I have noticed the redness on my cheeks and pigmentation from the sun has reduced significantly.

I now LOVE my smooth complexion and dewy skin.

Just go! Invest in your face, your future self will thank you.

DO YOU TAKE SUPPLEMENTS: I am a strong believer in supplements. Amanda has me hooked on Glisodin- Skin Nutrients for maintenance of healthy skin. 

FAVOURITE LIPSTICK: Charlotte Tilbury- Pillow Talk

READING: Jackie Ellis- The Measure of My Powers

You glow, Jo.

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The Glow-Getter Series: Whitney Krutzfedlt

We've been pretty fortunate over the past few years to be a contributing partner in some seriously cool women's glow. We're diving (skin) deeper into what make these women tick + sharing the details of their go-to Glow routine. 


NAME: Whitney Krutzfedlt 

DAY JOB: Photographer

WHAT GETS YOU EXCITED TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING: I usually wake up to the sun coming into our room and the sound of my 5 months old chatting to him self in bed and both those things make me pretty excited.

READING + LISTENING TO: Van Morrison and Dolly Parton and reading books on baby food and interior design right now which pretty much sums up my life.

BEAUTY ICONS: Jane Birkin and Helen Mirren. Jane Birkin had such an effortless look and Helen Mirren is serious goals. She looks amazing!

WHAT'S YOUR VICE: Good food and wine… but maybe that’s not a real vice.



WHAT'S SOMETHING YOU'RE GOING TO CONQUER IN 2018: My goal is to get into being more consistent with a healthier lifestyle this year. Seeing my trainer consistently, being outdoors more, eating healthier. I feel like living in Vancouver makes it easy on you so I need to take more advantage of that.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUR FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD SELF: Skin care wise - don’t pick! and don’t touch your eyebrows! Life wise - Have as much fun as you possibly can.

DO YOU TAKE SUPPLEMENTS: Since I was pregnant last year I was really careful about what I took and was on a prenatal vitamin and now I’m excited to add different supplements back into my routine.

LIST TWO PRODUCTS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Can 1 be the skin care routine I can’t live without haha I really can’t live without Microneedling - it’s changed my skin so much! I’m going to buy the at home roller I saw last time I was in GLOW next because I’m so obsessed with it. That and the dermaviduals lip balm which is weird cause I’m not a lip balm person but I’ve never found anything that actually hydrated my lips like that.


ADVICE FOR SOMEONE WHO HASN'T FOUND THEIR GLOW YET:  I think everyone skin is so different that what works for me wont necessarily work for you and vice versa so I think you have to really experiment with what’s good for your skin and try to find the products and routines that work for you. And once you find that keep it up. I’m very committed to my skin care routine and about seeing Amanda regularly (I see her at least once a month) and trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

Learn more about @wkrutzfeldt and go get your glow.

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In Sharp Focus: Why is Micro-Needling Trending and What Can it Do For You?

Sign on the dotted line.

Sign on the dotted line.

You may have heard the word, you may have feared the word, but I’m here to tell you to prepare to worship the word: Micro-needling.

Gwen does it. Jennifer does it. Naomi does it. You’re about to do it. Here’s why:

This life-changing facial treatment will put an end to chasing that hard-to-get, fleeting protein we all know as collagen. Micro-needling stimulates natural collagen and elastin in your papillary dermis and actually produces equal or better results than laser with a less-invasive method. I’m happy to offer this treatment to all my glow-getters and simplify all the information you need before diving into to your new, supple skin.

How does it work?

12 tiny sterile needles puncture the skin gently to create micro-channels. This process activates your body’s wound healing response and triggers growth factors to create new collagen and elastin.

Afraid of needles? You’re not alone, but these needles are ultra-fine miracle workers and I ensure that the road to amazing skin will be as smooth, comfortable, and relaxing as possible.

The magic touch.

The magic touch.

Okay I can deal with the needles, but what does it really do?

The ultra combo of collagen + elastin = plumper, healthier, and more youthful-looking skin. To put it simply - this is how Gwyneth gets her glow.

Typical results involve improved skin texture, the reduction of enlarged pores, improved skin elasticity, reduced fine lines, smoothing of scarring and an overall thicker, healthier skin.

One more reason to dive in: We don’t work with a heat based modality, making this treatment perfect for all skin types without risk of hyper-pigmentation which - let’s be honest - nobody has time for.

The final point (no pun-intended): The history of micro-needling in its many forms dates back to 1905 and Glow Therapy is bringing its sexy back to this decade a big way.

Just in time to fall back in love with your skin.

Book your appointment online or by phone! #GlowTherapy