The Glow-Getter Series: Hannah Bernard

We've been pretty fortunate over the past few years to be a contributing partner in some seriously cool women's glow. We're diving (skin) deeper into what make these women tick + sharing the details of their go-to Glow routine. 

NAME: Hannah Bernard

DAY JOB: Video Lead and Co-Owner at R + A.

GLOW-GETTER ROUTINE: Oxygen Facials + MicroNeedling Sessions


WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU CONQUERED IN 2017: Saying no to things (not wine though). 

WHAT'S SOMETHING YOU'RE GOING TO CONQUER IN 2018: Learning to shut my mind off and just breathe. I think they call that "mindfulness."

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUR FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD SELF: Don't worry about that pimple girl, you've got 11 more years of them ahead!


WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY ON THE DAILY: The people I surround myself with, good conversations and good wine.


WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR SKIN: Umm.... how good it looks after seeing Amanda at Glow Therapy!

LIST TWO SKINCARE CLASSICS YOU'D DIE WITHOUT: Hands-down High Classic (shop it at Glow) and a good Hyaluronic Acid

SPILL YOUR SECRET BEAUTY TIPS: I love a good sheet mask... even if they don't do anything. They're just fun!

A PIECE OF ADVIDE FOR SOMEONE SEARCHING FOR THEIR GLOW: Oh god hunny, you need to get on it. Amanda and the team know everything about skin and it's so important to start taking care of your skin when you're young and get on top of any issues you're already experiencing.

Learn more about Hannah and Roots + Ardor at @rootsandardor and @hannahbernardd and go get your glow.

xo Glow

In Sharp Focus: Why is Micro-Needling Trending and What Can it Do For You?

 Sign on the dotted line.

Sign on the dotted line.

You may have heard the word, you may have feared the word, but I’m here to tell you to prepare to worship the word: Micro-needling.

Gwen does it. Jennifer does it. Naomi does it. You’re about to do it. Here’s why:

This life-changing facial treatment will put an end to chasing that hard-to-get, fleeting protein we all know as collagen. Micro-needling stimulates natural collagen and elastin in your papillary dermis and actually produces equal or better results than laser with a less-invasive method. I’m happy to offer this treatment to all my glow-getters and simplify all the information you need before diving into to your new, supple skin.

How does it work?

12 tiny sterile needles puncture the skin gently to create micro-channels. This process activates your body’s wound healing response and triggers growth factors to create new collagen and elastin.

Afraid of needles? You’re not alone, but these needles are ultra-fine miracle workers and I ensure that the road to amazing skin will be as smooth, comfortable, and relaxing as possible.

 The magic touch.

The magic touch.

Okay I can deal with the needles, but what does it really do?

The ultra combo of collagen + elastin = plumper, healthier, and more youthful-looking skin. To put it simply - this is how Gwyneth gets her glow.

Typical results involve improved skin texture, the reduction of enlarged pores, improved skin elasticity, reduced fine lines, smoothing of scarring and an overall thicker, healthier skin.

One more reason to dive in: We don’t work with a heat based modality, making this treatment perfect for all skin types without risk of hyper-pigmentation which - let’s be honest - nobody has time for.

The final point (no pun-intended): The history of micro-needling in its many forms dates back to 1905 and Glow Therapy is bringing its sexy back to this decade a big way.

Just in time to fall back in love with your skin.

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Intention Setting Series | The #SKINTOX Challenge

Intention Setting Series | The #SKINTOX Challenge

We are so happy to see that 2017’s wellness and beauty trends are leaning towards adding nutrients versus limiting general intake.  Comparative to how we choose nutrient rich foods packed with minerals and anti-oxidants to detox our bodies and kick-start a healthier life-style; in order to adjust our skins behavior internal changes must take place.  To help you get the most out of our #SKINTOX challenge I’ve rounded up some information that will assist in your understanding of the effects our digestive system has on our skin which in turn will your optimize success!