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GLOW - health that radiates from within

DERMAL - working on a cellular level, chemistry and biology meet with the application of topical mediums

THERAPY - marrying the practice of wellness will experience and knowledge

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We’re dedicated to improving your skin health, helping you feel happier and more confident.

Amanda created Glow with the intention of bringing a deeper understanding of skin health and support to her clients. Amanda and her team focus on their clients evolving needs while cultivating meaningful experiences and effective personalized treatments. Amanda's intention is to develop a deep understanding of her clients' goals while creating and implementing a simple and effective skin care regime that contributes to your overall health, sense of well- being and confidence.

Amanda's pursuit of advanced skin therapies has taken her from Vancouver and across the world to Australia. She furthered her education and training, including micro needling, at some of the most innovative clinics across Australia and Canada. She is determined to bridge that gap between cold clinical treatments and no results fluffy facials. Amanda encourages and educated her clients in a friendly supportive manner, and you will always leave feeling relaxed and cared for.

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Erin has a decade of experience in the skincare industry. Her expertise is in her highly therapeutic touch - and she has provided advanced skin therapies throughout her aesthetics career. For those who seek complete relaxation combined with a thorough and results driven treatment, look no further.

After receiving her qualifications from one of the top beauty academies in British Columbia, Erin furthered her education at the International Dermal Institute. She’s a knowledge-seeker and enlists an approach which combines holistic applications from the inside out. Drawing from her own experience with hormonally activated skin conditions, Erin works with her clients to identify the root causes of their skin concerns to create long term changes.